Earl Cunningham

After graduating college, I was employed by Ford Motor Company, working in Dearborn Michigan. My degree led me to working as an engineer by trade, (industrial engineering) and working at Ford for 3 years. Tired of the harsh winters, my wife and I decided to look for work in a warmer climate. We headed south where General Dynamics, Fort Worth, TX was hiring Engineers for the F1-11 Fighter Program. While working at General Dynamics, eventually I grew restless and wanted something on the outside, some type of technical sales. I interviewed with several companies but was told that most engineers were too "nuts and bolts" thinkers. I found a Business Forms Manufacturer that had a different philosophy and looked at my degree in engineering as a bonus. I was hired and was one of the companies' best salesmen in the DFW area for 11 years. After working in sales for those eleven years, I was offered a District Manager position, which I accepted. I was the DM for 2.5 years, but missed the real sales side. Also, during my time as a manager I noticed the company was just pushing sales toward the medium and large companies and going away for small to medium size organizations. This is when Western Forms was born. I gave my 2 week notice and on September 3, 1983 Western Forms, Inc. was started by Earl and Janet Cunningham.

Since September 1983, Western Forms has steadily increased in sales and product lines. We employ a small staff as well as several independent contractors for graphic design. We have a good mix of customers from the very small to a few large corporations. Western is fortunate that we retain customers as most customers have been with us as long as 8, 10 and even 15 years. At the present time I have 42 years of experience working with customers and solving their printing problems. Our entire 42 years have been in Tarrant, Johnson, and Parker Counties.


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